Passion Flowers - a guide to Passionflowers in the UK

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Species like Passiflora incarnata are said to have a long history of usage of their products by people of Native America, especially North America. In the central and south America other species like Passiflora edulis were used. With the exception of the continents of Europe and Antarctica, the family Passifloraceae is found to exist worldwide. South America, China, Southern Asia, New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand are examples of a few places where they are found. Though a few members of the family of Passifloraceae like Adenia (which are primitive forms) are present in Africa, the Passiflora is absent there. In the subtropical the purple fruited Passiflora edulis is grown for its delicious fruit. Likewise, in the tropical regions yellow fruited Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa is grown. Authoritative websites: Wikipedia - Origin of Passionflowers Wikipedia - The Name "Passionflower" Passiflora Society International (US) Passiflora Online - one of the Web's best resources for Passiflora information.

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How to grow Passionflowers / Plant Care

In temperate climates passionflowers can be grown easily. Instead of buying from a specialist supplier, you can get seed from the supermarket cheaply if you are merely looking for regular varieties of passiflora.

However, passionate gardeners are unlikely to be content with growing common varieties and look to specialist growers for plants to grow. Our suppliers directory is a starting point in finding unusual species of passion flowers. The custodian of the National Collection of Passiflora is John Vanderplank of Greenholm Nurseries.

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Medicinal Use and Toxicology

The roots and leaves of a passiflora species, the passiflora incarnata, have been found to have a long history of being used by the native Americans, in North America. In central and south America other species like Passiflora edulis are used.

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Sending Passion Flowers by Mail

Flowers are said to be one of the most beautiful form of expressing gratitude, sympathy or love. The joy of opening the door to an unexpected flower delivery is a memorable experience.

Sending exotic flowers such as passionflowers is an unusual gift to a loved one - and one not instantly forgotten. While traditional love flowers such as roses and lilies are appreciated by many, they can be eclipsed by a beautiful and unforgettable display of symbolic passion flowers (just make sure that the recipient knows their horticultural name...).

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Passion Flower Suppliers

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Books on Passionflowers (Passiflora)

There are many books on passion flowers which have become an excellent gift for a house plant lover or a gardener or anyone interested in gardening.

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